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10 Creative elf on the shelf return ideas

10 Creative elf on the shelf return ideas

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Elf on Shelf returns with latest edition in few days and so has the obsession to this character has returned.

Keeping in view your love of Elf on Shelf, we have gathered some amazing creative ideas of celebrating return of Elf on Shelf and also to celebrate festive season.

So here we go, before that i would like to ask if you feel any addition or any suggestions please leave so at bottom using comment section.

1: Surprise, I am Back !

Elf on shelf official blog has gathered some really great ideas, one of them is this elf popping out of Christmas present box, Source


2: Let the games Begin!

A great way to celebrate return of Elf in Hunger Games fashion. Source


3: 12 Candy Canes

This elf is making sure that no kid is left behind in race of getting candies.



4: Paper Countdown ELF

This ELF is surely excited about Christmas and is counting each day left for it.



5: Build a Snowman

Forzen fans are melted with this adorable gesture of ELF, who wants to build a snowman.



6: Elf Courier Service

Really adorable fun way of delivering Christmas presents, By ELF courier service. Well that's not real, but elf popping out of Christmas present sure is.



7: ELF on Mirror

This is fun and little bit evil way of announcing return of elf.



8: Spider-man ELF

Spiderman fans we have not forgotten you, this is your way of declaring return of ELF.



9: Marshmallow ELF

A bath is nice, but a marshmallow bath is nicer.



10: ELF with Treat

Here is another way of Celebrating return of ELF with a marshmallow treat.


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